Cruachan - "Pagan"

Genero: Celtic/Folk Metal
Pais: Irlanda

1. Michael Collins 03:51
2. Pagan 05:07
3. The Gael 04:02
4. Ard Ri Na Heirann 05:03
5. March to Cluain Tairbh 02:00
6. Viking Slayer 04:15
7. 1014 AD 03:36
8. Some Say the Devil Is Dead 03:13
9. 1000 Years 03:51
10. Lament for the Wild Geese 01:28
11. Erinsong 05:19
12. Summoning of the Sidhe 03:00
13. Fall of Gondolin 07:46

Blue Öyster Cult - "Blue Öyster Cult"

Pais: U.S.A
Genero: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

1. "Transmaniacon MC"
2. "I'm on the Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep"
3. "Then Came the Last Days of May"
4. "Stairway to the Stars"
5. "Before the Kiss, a Redcap"
6. "Screams"
7. "She's as Beautiful as a Foot"
8. "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll"
9. "Workshop of the Telescopes"
10. "Redeemed"

Aglarond - The Journey's End

Genero: Doom Metal
País: Mexico(Monterrey)
Año: 2001

1. Preludium 01:41
2. The Portal 04:13
3. The Gift of Darkness 03:21
4. Lady of the Valley 04:46
5. Gods Stone 04:27
6. Dark Stream 03:51
7. Ease my Pain 04:20
8. Blackened Rain 05:19
9. The Journey's End (Promised Land Pt. II) 04:20
10. The Lonely Mountain 07:34

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Transkarpatia (2005)

Genero:Symphonic Black Metal (early) / Gothic Metal (now)
Pais: Polonia

1.Sanguinarius, Inhumatus and Araneum - Intro01:23
2.Vampiric Prose03:26
5.The Burning Times04:43
6.Letter to Hell03:30
8.Recurring Yell05:11
10.Labyrinth of Anxiety03:56
12.The Old Form of Worship02:52
13.Tempted by Rot04:36
14.Tribute to...05:18

SemiDevilish (2004)

2.In Red Iris04:33
3.Era Aggression04:01
4.Time Of Obscure Emotions05:03
5.Fistful Of Ashes05:06
7.Absence Of Light04:25
8.The Darkest One03:42
10.From Beyond04:56
11.In Its Cobweb04:47

En lo particular no mucho me gusta este disco pero para gustos hay colores.

Sentenced - "The Funeral Album"

Genero: Melodic Death / Gothic Metal
Pais: Finlandia

01 - May Today Become The Day
02 - Ever - Frost
03 - We Are But Falling Leaves
04 - Her Last 5 Minutes
05 - Where Waters Fall Frozen
06 - Despair - Ridden Hearts
07 - Vengeance Is Mine
08 - A Long Way To Nowhere
09 - Consider Us Dead
10 - Lower The Flags
11 - Drain Me
12 - Karu
13 - End Of The Road

Fraise - "A New Beginning"

Genero: Power/Heavy Metal
Pais: Suecia

1. Fall a Prey 03:56
2. Heal Me Now 03:59
3. Colours of Sin 04:17
4. Light My Flame 04:04
5. Sign of Victory 04:38
6. In Luxury 04:37
7. Midnight Moon 04:40
8. Arian and Arador 04:51
9. Take Me Away 05:17
10. Always Hope 01:07
11. Where Angels Fly 04:18
12. Euphoria 04:03


Dream Theater - Forbidden Dreams [Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 28/8/93]

Progressive Metal
País: Estados Unidos

Forbidden Dreams es un bootleg de 6 discos grabados durante sus giras japonesas '92, '93 y '95. Muy buena calidad de audio. (con paciencia subo los disos restantes)

Forbidden Dreams CD3 [Disk 1 from Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 28/8/93]

01. Metropolis pt 1
02. Mission impossible
03. Afterlife
04. Under a glass moon
05. Wait for sleep
06. Surrounded
07. The ytse jam
08. Puppies on acid
09. Take the time


Forbidden Dreams CD4 [Disk 2 from Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 28/8/93]

01. To live forever - Jam
02. A fortune in lies
03. Another day
04. Pull me under
05. Eve
06. Learning to live


Iron Maiden - "Live!! + One" (1980)

Genero: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
Pais: Reino Unido

"Live!! + One" es un EP en vivo de la banda británica Iron Maiden. Fue inicialmente lanzado sólo en Japón en noviembre de 1980. Todos los temas fueron grabados en vivo en el Marquee Club en Londres el 4 de julio de 1980. La grabación de Sanctuary disponible en este EP no puede ser encontrada en ningún otro disco mientras que las otras pistas se pueden encontrar como lados B.

1. Sanctuary (Live)
2. Phantom Of The Opera (Live)
3. I've Got The Fire (Live)
4. Women In Uniform


Suidakra Discografia


Genero: Melodic Black / Death Metal con influencias de folk medieval

Pais: Alemania (Düsseldorf)

Lupine Essence (1997)

2.Dragon Tribe04:19
4.Sheltering Dreams03:19
6.Warpipes Call Me04:16
7....and a Minstrel Left the Mourning Valley02:02
8.Internal Epidemic (From the 'Dawn' demo)03:15


Auld Lang Syne (1998)

1.Auld Lang Syne01:39
2.Hall of Tales05:30
3.A Menhirs Clay04:32
4.And Another Cist Looms05:23
5.An Dúdlachd02:31
6.Tuatha Dé Danaan04:43
8.The Fall of Tarra04:13
9.Enticing Slumber06:21


Lays From Afar (1999)

1.A Darksome Path04:35
2.Chants of Lethe04:31
3.The Well of Might04:03
4.The Hidden Quest03:52
7.Wasted Lands04:35
8.Strayed in Nowhere04:19
10.Lays from Afar04:35
11.Foggy Dew01:18


The Arcanum (2000)

2.To Rest in Silence05:35
4.Rise of Taliesin05:51
5.Last Fortress04:08
6.Gates of Nevermore04:18
7.Serenade to a Dream02:40
8.The Arcane Spell04:53
9.The One Piece Puzzle (Skyclad cover)05:15


Emprise To Avalon (2002)

1.Darkane Times05:47

2.Dinas Emrys01:53
3.Pendragons Fall05:31
4.The Highking04:00
5.The Spoils of Annwn01:48
6.The Quest05:19
7.And the Giants Dance...05:13
8.Song of the Graves05:12
9.Still the Pipes Are Calling05:17


Signs For The Fallen (2003)

2.Crown the Lost04:36
4.Trails of Gore04:35
5.The Ember Died00:21
6.When Eternity Echoes02:02
7.Signs for the Fallen05:37
9.Bound in Changes08:50
10.A Vision's Demise05:09


Command To Charge (2005)

1.Decibel Dance04:15
2.C14 Measured by Infinity05:17
3.Haughs of Cromdale00:28
4.The Alliance04:14
5.A Runic Rhyme (acoustic)01:49
6.Second Skin04:50
7.Reap the Storm04:26
8.Gathered in Fear (acoustic)04:33
9.Strange Perfection05:26
10.Dead Man's Reel (instrumental)04:16
11.The End Beyond Me09:16


Suidakra - Caledonia (2006)

1.Highland Hills08:01
2.A Blackened Shield05:15
3.The Ember Deid (Part II)03:15
4.Evoke the Demon05:27
7.Dawning Tempest05:13
8.The Distant Call03:34
9.On Torrid Sand03:52
10.The IXth Legion05:44



El Inicio de una Era

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